Portage la Prairie, MB – Kelsey Saunders has a sure-fire way to make her husband smile – imitate Donald Trump.

The Portage woman’s impersonation is not what you might typically think of when it comes to celebrity parodies, she uses her flatulence rather than her vocal chords.

“My husband cracks up every time I do Donald’s voice,” said Saunders.

Saunders can complete short phrases like “You’re Fired” and “It’s Gonna Be Huge” by farting and it puts her husband Micah Saunders in stitches.

“It never gets old,” said Saunders.  “Every time she farts Trump I giggle like a little girl.”

 Saunders claims her secret to her celebrity fart impression of Donald Trump is to let the gas out slowly.  “I can’t force it.  I did that once and had a bit of a shart.  It sounded more like Gilbert Gottfried and scared the kids.”

 The local radio station is planning on having Saunders live on the air this Friday to share her talents with all the Central Plains area.  Saunders is consuming cabbage, roast beef, lentils and soda pop the night before in preparation.

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