Secret Forces of Portage Republic on Verge of Electing Next Manitoba Premier

REPUBLIC_Poster_FINALWhile working on a historical documentary on The Republic of Manitobah, two local filmmakers stumbled upon an insidious plan carried out by a cabal of patriots loyal to the spirit of the original, independent nation formed from its capital, Portage la Prairie.

The half-hour production has been viewed by tens if not hundreds of viewers via MTS TV’s MTS Stories From Home and explains part of the plot that continues today to ensure Portage la Prairie and area’s dominance, influence and control of our province, country and world.

Originally, the grand republic was thought to have ended in a drunken brawl in 1867, but the reality couldn’t be further from the truth.  While the attempt at separation may not have lasted, the desire for control did.  Thomas Spence, the first president of the Republic of Manitobah, went on to be part of Louis Riel’s government and held other positions of political influence in Canada and California.  This would become the model for the forces of Republic to use in placing residents of the Republic in key positions of influence and power in the political realm.

History shows us that no less than four Premiers of Manitoba and one Canadian Prime Minister have come from the Portage la Prairie area.  Without doubt, the reason for such an unprecedented concentration of political power in one area can only be a shadowy plan executed by the forces of the Republic of Manitobah that continue to operate in secret.  They have worked relentlessly for generations to ensure Portage la Prairie and High Bluff continue to have direct access to the halls of power so they can further their agenda, the continued dominance of the Portage Plains and it’s citizens and the exertion of their obvious greatness.

It is no wonder that as the latest Manitoba Provincial Election nears, another member of this secret organization is set to take control of the provinces highest political office.  Portage la Prairian, Brian Pallister, is set to become the fifth Premier of Manitoba.  When he is successful, the Republic will be responsible for the election of over 20% of all Premiers of Manitoba.

Here is the breakdown of The Republic’s efforts in electing Premiers and Prime Ministers.

  1. John Norquay –  Premier of Manitoba 1878-1887.  Was a Metis leader and first came to power in the riding of High Bluff.  Was famous for being a proponent of rail development during his political career and may be part of the reason why both CN and CP main lines cross in Portage la Prairie.
  2. Douglas Campbell – Premier of Manitoba 1948-58.  Born in Portage la Prairie, he was a key figure in bringing electricity to rural Manitoba, was a farm advocate and went on to later be involved with the creation of the Confederation of Regions and Reform Parties.
  3. Walter Weir – Premier of Manitoba 1967-69.  Born in High Bluff and educated in Portage la Prairie, Weir was notorious for his opposition of official bilingualism, which may partially explain why Portage la Prairie is an Anglophone town with a long French name.
  4. Sterling Lyon – Premier of Manitoba 1977-81.  Lyon was raised in Portage la Prairie and was a supporter of the “notwithstanding” clause provisioning in the constitution, a view, no doubt influenced greatly by members of the Republic.
  5. Arthur Meighen – Prime Minister of Canada 1920-21, 1926.  The only Prime Minister to represent a riding in Manitoba.  That riding was by no coincidence, Portage la Prairie.

Out of a complete disregard to their own safety and self-respect, the producers of the documentary “The Republic” are releasing the extended interviews on the subject.  What you see and hear will shock and frighten you.  It will explain, in part, why Portage la Prairie is so great and why so many of its best and brightest citizens have moved on to accomplish incredible things.

Here are the extended clips.

LInk to original story on the film: The Republic to see the 1 minute trailer and the first 7 Minutes.


Notice to readers: Please be advised that while Portage la Prairie is a real place, and the Republic of Manitobah was a real thing(kinda) and an unusual and suspicious number of powerful figures come from within the boundaries of the original republic, some of the content of this and other stories on this website are based on fiction and the imagination of childish humans. Some events, people and places may resemble reality but the fact remains the information is unreliable, lacking in credibility and truth. More reasonable people will pick up on the humour and satire. Consumption of this and other stories may cause dizziness, dry mouth, facial blemishes, hives, and thin hair. Should you experience an erection lasting more than four hours please seek medical treatment. This corporation assumes no responsibility for your grasp on reality, ability to tolerate sarcasm, humour and mocking comments. In addition they assume no responsibility for any resulting effects from digesting the content in this and other posts relating to but not limited to the aforementioned website and ancillary media products and modes.  But in all this we maintain the people of Portage la Prairie are taking over, or at the very least, or very most, attempting to rule the world.  Long live The Republic of Manitobah and may her capital of Portage la Prairie shine bright forever!


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  1. Jimmy Slaiter

    This is NOT funny. Conspiracies like this should not be tolerated. Why isn’t the main stream media like CBC exposing this rather than creating fake news?

    More truth! Less fake! Down with the tyrants!

    What next? Donald Trump for mayor of Portage? Shouldn’t happen but it might if we don’t oppose this.

    • David Otteller

      Satire seems to be beyond some people. I imagine it is a function of education. Or possibly just a inability to differentiate reality from entertainment. I’ve seen the full show The Republic and it’s largely a local history show wrapped in a silly package. I think they call it a mockumentary. Fairly obvious.


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