Do You Smell That?mouse

City Hall is gettin’ a reeky reputation.

One day I was relaxin’ on the second floor, my ear pressed against the hole in the hardwood just above the cashier’s front counter so I could do me a little eavesdroppin.’ This here lady walks in to pay her water bill and says, “Pee-eew, this place stinks.”

I sniffed my armpits, but it weren’t me.

Next day, one of the City councilors walks in the back door and says, “smells like the first day of school in here.” I don’t think she meant it as a compliment.

All this talk of bad smells reminds me of my Great Uncle Farley. Lived in a fine house with a well-stocked pantry. One afternoon, ol’ Farley wakes up from his nap and smells somethin’ strong. “This room stinks,” he says. So he leaves the room, only to find the next room stinky too. “The whole house stinks!” he says. So he goes outside, but it stinks out there too. “The whole world stinks!” Uncle Farley says. Poor ol’ boy was too daft to realize he’d got into the Limburger cheese and still had some stickin’ to his whiskers.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, City Hall’s awful stench. Well, I don’t suppose you’ll smell fresh as a daisy when you’re 116 years old, either. Give it a break.

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Chester the City Hall Mouse

Portage la Prairians have accused City Hall of harbouring rodents in the past, but this correspondent promises to sniff and scratch out unique stories from the halls of power.

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