The Hoop and Holler hit the streets of Portage to find out if kids were celebrating the arrival of winter with a game of street hockey.

And, of course, Portage la Prairie is home to some red blooded, good, Canadian kids who don’t mind the cold as long as there is some hockey to be played.

This is a common scene all across town as kids gather and organize themselves into teams, argue about who should be in net next and whether or not a goal should count.

The yelling and screaming and rough housing is called street hockey and not much has changed with it over the years.

Sure there are glow in the dark balls(that still get lost in snow) and last years composite sticks rather than tree branches and horse turds but it’s still hockey.

If you want the Hoop and Holler to cover your next street hockey game drop us a line at and lets us know where and when you’re playing.

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