Sightings from the Top: The Litter Bug

I frequently make little rules for myself, like “pick up one piece of trash on each walking trip to work and one on each trip home again.” Occasionally, though, if the weather’s less than pleasant or I’m running late, or I’m just plain cranky, I break my little rule. I generally have a better day when I don’t break my rule.

One drizzly morning, as I crossed over the Tupper Street bridge, I saw a man walking along Fisher Avenue down below. I was delighted to see him stop and pick up a piece of trash. Good for you, fella, I thought.  A man after my own heart. A kindred spirit. A bird of a similar feather. I hope he has a really good day.

Instead of holding the trash away from himself as I usually do, however, he seemed to be fumbling around with it for a long time. That’s when I realized it was probably a cigarette package and he was checking to see if there were any smokes left inside. When the package disappointed him, he threw it back onto the grass and kept walking.

I guess his little rule for himself is “put things back where you found them.”


Terrie Todd



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