Sightings from the Top: Carrington the Shopping Cart

For the last couple of weeks, a blue shopping cart has been lying dead along the tracks under the Tupper Street bridge. It’s a long way from home, but I think I know what happened.

Convinced there had to be more to life than going in and out of the store all day carrying people’s purchases, a little blue shopping cart named Carrington set out to make a life of his own. He took several weeks to work up his nerve, but one sunny day, he said to himself, “now or never.” With that, Carrington started rolling across the lot and down Shindleman Way until it reached the walking path. The gravel on the path felt foreign under Carrington’s wheels, but the little cart bravely pushed on. He followed the path on and on, risking his life when he had to cross 18th Street. Once safely on the other side, Carrington rested overnight, hiding in some tall grass just in case anyone came looking.

The next morning, the courageous little cart carried on his way. Now that he was out in the big world, he saw all kinds of sights he had never seen in the store or in the parking lot. He rolled along, enjoying the pretty homes and green yards, flowers, trees, and shrubbery. Suddenly, out from behind that shrubbery barked a large, wicked dog. It was coming after Carrington! What did it want? Was there some tidbit of food stuck between Carrington’s wires? Or had some other dog left its scent on the unsuspecting little cart?

Carrington picked up speed, rolling faster and faster down the path until everything was a blur. He rolled frighteningly close to the train tracks, and a train was coming! “If I can just make it across the tracks,” he thought, “the train will be between me and that beastly dog and I’ll be safe.”

Carrington should have taken his chances with the dog.

Terrie Todd


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