Portage la Prairie, MB – Local homeowners are concerned at the arrival of too much black in their neighbourhood.  B. Fehr and his wife Betty have expressed concern over seeing an all black house built in the new development near their home.

“We feel it stands out amongst our predominately white and light beige homes.  Our town has mostly light coloured homes and we feel it should stay that way,” said Fehr.

“Quite a few of the neighbours are concerned.  We feel we should have been consulted before this house was allowed.  There is plenty of room north of the tracks!  It doesn’t matter what colour your house is there.  This house doesn’t belong in this part of town.”

black-house-1“We want to get a petition together to move the house north of the tracks.  There were several brown houses on our street, that were there long before we built, but we had them moved to the end of the street.  It’s a little swampy but they don’t seem to mind,” offered Fehr.

Neighbour, Ava Heart, has a more moderate stance.  “I’m okay with these houses being here as long as they don’t cover their windows so we can tell who is in there.”

Others supporting the Fehr petition voiced concerns.  “First we had to deal with the brown houses, now this black one.  What’s next a bunch of multi-coloured homes being built all over town?” said Ivan Ichianus.

City council will be dealing with the issue as the group plans on making a presentation at the next council meeting.

*This story is based on information from the minds of our writers, unconfirmed, unrelenting, unreliable and mostly fictional sources.  It is based on satire and, like our writers, lacks a foundation in reality.

About The Author

Neil Downs

Is a reporter, music-lover, whistle-blower and handy-man? He is a life-long Portage la Prairian and comes to the Hoop and Holler after working at a local potato processor. Neil has been writing at night, in the dark, for over 30 years and has yet to have one word published. We fell in love with Neil’s unique insights on local news and issues. Years of working in a factory setting has allowed him to refine his perspective and explore his conspiracy theories fully. He’ll be a welcome addition to our expanding editorial team. Neil has no friends or family left in the Portage area and feels increasingly isolated so let’s make sure to pass on a warm HnH welcome to him. Now that Neil is writing for a living he will be wasting his free time writing Hollywood screenplays and fantasizing about becoming a successful playwright and winning the lottery. This combined with his natural paranoid state will fuel his general dissatisfaction and frustration with life causing him to withdraw from normal society completely. This will serve the HnH well as he will devote the rest of his days to covering the stories that matter the most to Portage la Prairie.

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    • Shane Neufeld

      We shall discuss this serious matter with the editorial board. The new ownership and additions to the editorial staff seem to have an affection to this kind of journalism, albeit fictional. We thank you for your patience and understanding. They say truth is stranger than fiction and by the measure of some of these stories Portage may be a very odd place. Peace out!


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