Some very talented and gifted teens put their passions on display at the PCI Evening With The Arts showcase.  The event featured artwork, drama, and music. The Hoop and Holler was on hand to capture the show.  Stay tuned in coming days as we post videos of some of these impressive performances. You can click above to watch the opening of O Canada and Drumline performing  Battle of the Beats.


The night included dramatic scenes performed by Levi Swaine, Sarah Bell, Stephanie Osbourne, Brendan Zinck, Shany Moldovanov, Daniel Flett, and Conrad Pelley.  All the performances received a warm response with Conrad Pelley’s monologue, performed in an Australian accent, bringing the loudest ovation.

Incredible works of art lined the hallways of PCI prior to the show and HnH cameras captured some of the work.  Here’s a look.  To identify the artist just click or hover on the image.




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