Portage la Prairie, MB – An event that was supposed to celebrate the Christmas season turned ugly when local parents were confronted by some harsh realities.

Bethany and Colton Loewen were planning on creating a life-long memory at their son’s grade one holiday production when the plan became a nightmare after Bethany’s father Barry Walker voiced some insensitive comments.

“We had been practising with Caleb for over a month.  We thought he had an amazing voice.  Everyone tells us how nice of a singer he is,” said Bethany Loewen.  Caleb Loewen was cast as Michael the Archangel and had the lead role in the school production.

Grandpa Walker was not prepared for what he encountered in the school gym last Thursday.  “Cripes, from what Colton and Beth were telling us we were expecting a young Michael Buble.  I have tom cats on the farm who sound better than him,” said Barry Walker.  “I love you kiddo but maybe stick to hockey and ball cause you ain’t gonna make it on stage.”

The blunt critique sent Caleb’s parents, along with Tina and Abe Loewen, spiralling out of control.  “No one should speak about a child like that,” said Tina Loewen.  “Caleb is an angel and he sounds wonderful and is the best actor in the school.”

Despite the delusional beliefs of parents and grandparents most in the audience agreed that Caleb’s performance was not as spectacular as his parents believed it to be.

“Most of these plays suck,” said Billy Neepawa who was in attendance.  “The kid who played the angel was pretty bad.  My cat Rufus in heat sounds better.

A teacher who plead for anonymity agreed with the critique.  “Sometimes we can coach them to be at least decent,” said the teacher.  “We couldn’t even drown him out with the music track.  It was a tough year.”

The Loewens are seeking help from the School Division and are meeting with grief counsellors.

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  1. Roslyn Knott

    My heart goes out to these poor parents. It took me 10 years to realize my daughter had no talents and was exceptionally average. It still hurts to know my kids are just as normal as I am.


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