Partnership with Hutterites announced.


Unconfirmed, unreliable, fictional sources claim Thomas Mulcair stopped in at the Birch River Hutterite colony to announce a new federal partnership to reopen the Campbell soup plant in Portage la Prairie.

Locally grown Hutterite Beets will be processed at the new plant. Hutterite Omas will employ their secret recipes to create the delectable dish for the world market.

“I think this proves Mulcair and the NDP give a borscht about bringing jobs to Portage, ” said Portage la Prairian and labour leader, Erin Gobraless.

“People like borsht.  I like borscht.  It’s the beets.  They taste good and give soup a slight blood colour.”

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Drew is a military kid who came to Portage in the late 80’s when his father came to CFB Southport. Since then Drew Peacock has graduated from Arthur Meighen High School and was his class valedictorian. After high school he almost graduated with honours from the University of Manitoba. He was just one credit short but never got around to finishing due to an active social life and interest in politics. Drew Peacock has worked for all major political parties as a vote enhancer, call centre dispatcher and fundraiser. Most recently Drew has been the local Chamber of Commerce President and editor of his own internet blog, “The Real Meaning of Politics," which can be found on the world-wide-web if you have a computer. Drew has been married to his wife Rose for 20 years and considers himself apolitical and asexual. Drew Peacock will be The Hoop and Holler’s new political editor and Vice President of distribution.

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