The thrift shop never fails to deliver odd, unique and sometimes disturbing items.  Today’s instalment features some decorative pieces that would be sure conversation starters in your house.

First up is an ornament that makes me want to sing “Ooo eee ooo ah ah, ding dang dalawala bing bang, ooo eee ooo ah ah ding dang dalawala bang!”  If you are from a certain generation you may recognize that song.  I think I had it on a vinyl K-Tel album called Looney Tunes.

A Hopi Kachina Doll

A Hopi Kachina Doll

Round elephant?

I’m not sure what kind of elephant this is suppose to be. It certainly is round.



Here is something you may want to go out and buy for your desk at work.  Imagine the comments you’d get if you occasionally talked to it throughout the day and insisted it was a real person.  Or you could hide it in the fridge at home and have fun scaring the kids in the morning.

A potential friend

A potential friend



What time is it? It’ll soon be strawberry time in Portage!

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