The PlaP Plop & Drop will provide new honey pails complete with toilet paper roll for the full ones.

Portage la Prairie, MB – While most Portage la Prairians were huddled under blankets watching Netflix, Alicia Smith came up with a plan to make money when the snow flies by marketing her pizzas to stranded truckers by teaming up with a local septic company.

“We’re calling the promotion the PlaP Plop and Drop special,” explained Smith.  “With one text or call semi drivers can have a pizza and pop delivered and their poop pail emptied at the same time.”

Recently stranded truckers were complaining to authorities that no one was bringing them food or water while they were storm stayed in Portage.  Smith read about the trucker’s woes in the local paper, some refer to as the Pelechaty Post, and came up with a solution.

The unique offer will address two of the truckers primary needs, how they get fed and then how to empty their “honey pails” that can overflow with number one and two(not to be confused with the highways) during long layovers.  City officials welcome the new service as a much better option to dumping the poop pails on city streets or in fast food restaurant bathrooms.

Health authorities voiced some concern over the plan to mix business with pleasure but Smith feels she has a solution.

“The delivery people will make sure to wear gloves and we will be swapping new ‘honey pails’ for the old ones rather than worrying about dumping them on site.”

Possible uniforms for the delivery and pickup people. Looks like it might get chilly.

Possible uniforms for the delivery and pickup people. Looks like it might get chilly.

The PlaP Plop and Drop will be marketed with flyers and on social media. “If that doesn’t work we will hire more attractive delivery girls and dress them in seductive outfits to make it more appealing to have a pizza delivered and the poop picked up.”

Whether or not the pizza comes and the poop leaves on a power toboggan or via a sultry delivery driver in a 4X4, Smith’s pizza business is about to boom during the next blizzard.

A quick survey of local truckers’ indicated a high level of interest for the service with 8.5 drivers out of 10 pledging to order some hot ‘za the next time they are stranded.

“Two things we can count on living here are blizzards and the Trans Canada Highway getting closed a few times every year,” said Smith.  “I thought we might as well turn some of that white into green even if it means getting our hands dirty.”




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Possible alternative replacement honey pails.

Possible alternative replacement honey pails.






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  1. Robert Watson

    The matter of trucker’s ‘honey pails’ must be addressed by City Hall. For years I’ve seen them carrying white pails of stench into the local fast food joints to dump them in the washroom. It smells as you would imagine times 10. The Mayor should stop them from doing this. This story, while funny, raises some very serious problems our City Council and Prime Minister are ignoring


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