Activity at the former Campbell’s Soup Plant suggest the rumours from inconceivable sources may be true.

Local media giants, The Hoop and Holler. com have partnered with the even more enormous media company, International Media Empire Consortium, and will be re-tooling their content after the website’s most recent hiatus, reported completely unreliable, unconfirmed and fictional sources.

“We are getting a huge infusion of cash which we will be putting towards hiring a dynamic team of editorial staff, “ new HnH President, Myra Mains said.  “For years the website has relied on a few locals working part-time but since we are accountable to shareholders now we have to drive better results.

“The Hoop and Holler’s unique voice and tone combined with the exciting possibilities we see in the city of Portage la Prairie is what interested us in getting involved, “ IMEC CEO, Craven Moorehead said in a release.  “Today’s internet is all about click bait and The Hoop and Holler has the scalable potential to go worldwide.  HnH will add shareholder value to our portfolio of mediocre media companies.”

“Being gobbled up by larger media conglomerates is a growing trend in Portage,” Mains said.  “But unlike local TV, newspaper and radio that became standardized to look more like their corporate sisters, we are being told to be even more unique and different.  We won’t be held back by the same limitations as other media outlets.  Accuracy, reality, seriousness and accountability are not things we will be concerned about.”

“The best part of the Hoop and Holler in the past has been it’s ridiculousness and that’s what we want them to focus on moving forward.  It’s what they are good at and no one takes them very serious anyway.  We don’t care what they cover as long as it gets clicks and views,” Moorehead stated.

To begin with HnH will be hiring a whole entourage of local writers.  To date, a new Editor, Joe King has been brought on board along with reporter Neil Downs.  More writers will be added shortly.  “We are conducting intensive interviews and will be adding six to eight new people, “ Editor Joe King offered.  “They won’t be great writers but they will know how to come up with stories that will make people share them on Twitter and Facebook.  We just want people who are disturbed and wacky like the original founders of The Hoop and Holler.”

“Portage is going to see coverage like they’ve never seen before,” Mains said.  “We know what matters and Portage has told us they want more so that will be a slogan for us.  ‘More’ will be what drives us internally and externally.  We will use the phrase ‘Very Independent’ to hide the fact we are actually less so.”

Viewers will be able to enjoy these changes immediately.  The HnH will go from being irrelevant to irreverent without any discernible difference to the below average reader.  Portage may seem slightly more entertaining and interesting with the new editorial approach but the reality of the city will remain the same.  The Hoop and Holler is proud to be part of Portage and looks forward to helping the city be a centre of plausibilities not just possibilities.

About The Author

Joe King

Joe King will be responsible for guiding and directing the new editorial focus of the Hoop and Holler. It will be his job to ensure each and every HnH story gets as many views, shares and clicks as possible. Joe has a background in media having worked Master Control for the Manitoba Television Network in Portage la Prairie until the station changed its' name to A-Channel and then had its Portage operation suspended while the company changed hands over and over. Since leaving MTN Joe has worked as a farm labourer, church planter, car detailer and in retail before landing the Editor job at HnH. He is an above average reader and has always watched a disproportional amount of television. Reality shows and crime dramas are his favourites. Joe has a sharp, sarcastic wit and an affection for bathroom humour. His favourite TV shows are America’s Funniest Videos and Ellen and he is fond of Christmas.

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