Empty lot at 437 8th Street N.W.

Empty lot at 437 8th Street N.W.

The elderly home that was filling the gap at 437 Eighth N.W. has suddenly vanished.

The small single story unit was noticeably lower than grade and had sunk well below it’s neighbours in recent years.

Residents had considered the possibility it had sunken to the centre of the earth but upon closer inspection it was clear it had not.

Crater left by missing home.

Crater left by missing home.

Speculation has now shifted to the possibility that the home had been “beamed up” by alien spacecraft.

Bright lights and loud noises have been heard in the area that could be attributed to alien interference.

If it was an alien demolition team they used a track vehicle of some kind.

The Hoop and Holler will provide further information once we are contacted by the mother ship.

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