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Glory be! Just when I thought it was never going to happen, the clock over the front door of City Hall has been fixed. I know what time it is again. Somethin’s a little off, though. I looked out there one day and the temperature said 71 degrees. Holy Moly! That’s hotter than a sauna. So I slapped me on some sunscreen, put on my skimpiest shorts and darkest shades, and crawled out onto the roof to see if I could improve my skin tone and pores. (I’d tell ya how I get in and out, but word might spread and sure as guns my egress would be plugged up by some maintenance man.) I ‘spected it to be hot as blazes on that there roof, based on the clock. But it fooled me. It was just a perdy day, nice as pie. So I went back and took me another look at that clock. Yep, 71 degrees. That’s when I noticed the “F” behind it. Now what on earth did that mean?

I waited ‘til closin’ time and did me some googling. Turns out the “F” stands fer “Farenheit.” So then I edjumicated myself about Farenheit. Turns out to be a temperature system invented by a German physicist bloke named Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit who lived from 1686 –  1736. Bet ya never knew his parents died from eating poisonous mushrooms. I once had me a third cousin named Hardly. Hardly Worthit. Lazy fellow. Died from a mushroom—but not because it was poison. Ol’ Hardly fell asleep under a mushroom in a pasture when a big ol’ cow came along and stepped on the mushroom and that was the end of Hardly. Death and burial all in one convenient step. Anyway, where was I?

Oh yeah. The clock. Why that City Hall clock gives only the “F” temperature I cannot say. Could it be cuz we’re trying to be an “age-friendly” city? I think Celsius temperatures make a whole lot more sense, no disrespect to Herr Farenheit. Zero degrees is freezing and a hundred degrees is boiling, simple as that. So I’m gonna see if I can fix it. You’ll know when I do.

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