In a move seen as an attempt to gain votes from both the Aboriginal and farming communities Stephen Harper stopped by the local KFC to meet with founder Col. Sanders for a quick photo op and to voice his support of the chicken industry claim unconfirmed, unreliable, fictional sources.

Harper was asked if he supported Canadians eating more fried foods considering the warnings in Canadian Food Guide.

Harper retorted, “With the current conditions in the oil and gas sector, this government will not consider unilateral regulation of that sector.”

When asked what he meant he replied, “I support the reduction of green house gas emissions but not at the cost of the fried chicken industry.”

Environmental activists suggested his support of this oil and gas industry is due to his friendship with American Right wing Conservatives to which Harper shot back, “I like left wings too…both original and extra crispy!”

Harper also stopped in at Bill’s Sticky Fingers saying he didn’t want the rib industry to feel like a leftover but more of a side dish. After introducing Bill to the Colonel, Harper stated, “We are all about cross industry partnerships.  I see a symbiotic relationship starting here…after all it is all about the sticky finger lickin.”

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