Portage la Prairie, MB – The need for curbside composting will be eliminated if a local grandmother has her plan turned into law.

Anne Teak made a pitch to City Hall for her common sense approach after learning the city was looking at spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep food waste out of the landfill.

“Eat your damn food,” Anne Teak offered as a name for her new program.  “What the hell is wrong with people?  Waste not, want not is what we were taught.

Teak’s simplistic plan proposes people be made to eat things like leftovers, ensure food is eaten before spoiling and soup be made from soggy veggies from the crisper.

girl-eating“I hardly throw anything out.  I make my husband, kids and grandkids finish their meals.  If it hits your plate you don’t leave the table until it’s down your throat.  We don’t throw food out.  I’ll freeze leftovers and make soup several times a week if I have to.”

With ongoing budget challenges, City Hall is looking at how they can turn Anne Teak’s suggestion into law.  “We think there is a way of avoiding having to pick up people’s household compost and making a buck or two extra, “ City spokesperson, Ed Zachary said.

Initially, the city will work to encourage people to finish their food through an extensive, and likely ineffective, communications plan.  After that, they will employ by-law enforcement officers to fine households who don’t finish their meals or are caught throwing out food that could be eaten, frozen or made into soup.

By-law 69A will be put to council vote at their next meeting and could become law by month’s end.

Mrs. Teak is also pioneering a program on reducing the amount of plastic containers entering the waste and recycling streams.  “I have 30 years worth of margarine, yogurt and ice cream containers piled up in my basement.  They come in handy.  Everybody should keep them because it’s such a waste throwing them out.”



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