In the spirit of trying to bring people together, a last minute arrangement may see all candidates in the Portage-Lisgar riding come together.

Hoop and Holler political correspondent Drew Peacock has reached out to NDP candidate Dean Harder to see if a name change might bring Candice Bergen to the table for a debate.

“Most groups have been inviting her to a forum.  I thought what if we just spin it a bit and limit the meeting to four parties.  We’ll call it a foursome and see if we can get her to come,” explained Peacock.


Bringing people together is what is important

Getting Harder first was the priority for Peacock, as a former NDP candidate was harshly reprimanded by Bergen for his attempts to organize a local forum.  “We need to bring people together if we hope to get anywhere,” said Peacock.

Liberal, Ken Werbiski, Beverly Eert of the Green Party will hopefully join NDP Dean Harder and the ever Conservative Candice Bergen.  “Jerome Dondo of the Christian Heritage Party will be excluded from the debate to keep the event manageable,” said Peacock.

Peacock is offering to moderate the foursome.  “I don’t have any biased or preference.  I just think it would be fun to watch,” said Peacock.  “I realize it is a bit of a long drive for Bergen and Harder but I do hope they come in the end.”

*This story is based on the musing of our writing team and has no foundation in reality.  A cat with a brain tumour, suggestions from an algorithm along with unconfirmed, unreliable, unreasonable sources provide the foundation for this story.  Oh, and also sarcasm, satire and infantile minds.

About The Author

Drew Peacock

Drew is a military kid who came to Portage in the late 80’s when his father came to CFB Southport. Since then Drew Peacock has graduated from Arthur Meighen High School and was his class valedictorian. After high school he almost graduated with honours from the University of Manitoba. He was just one credit short but never got around to finishing due to an active social life and interest in politics. Drew Peacock has worked for all major political parties as a vote enhancer, call centre dispatcher and fundraiser. Most recently Drew has been the local Chamber of Commerce President and editor of his own internet blog, “The Real Meaning of Politics," which can be found on the world-wide-web if you have a computer. Drew has been married to his wife Rose for 20 years and considers himself apolitical and asexual. Drew Peacock will be The Hoop and Holler’s new political editor and Vice President of distribution.

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