"I barely finished painting the signs and there was a line up" said Rick Butkus the new Restroom attendant/maintenance man. "This facility alone should wipe out "prairie doggin" in Portage la Praire"

“I barely finished painting the signs and there was a line up” said Rick Butkus the new Restroom attendant/maintenance man. “This facility alone should wipe out “prairie doggin” in Portage la Praire”

Portage la Prairie, MB – The world’s largest Coke can will soon become the world’s largest can as Portage tries to boost tourism.

Tourism for PLAP is making a pitch to make it more attractive for travellers to plop in Portage by renovating the old water tower Coke can into a palatial roadside washroom.

“We want to treat tourists to the best pee break possible,” Tourism for PLAP spokesperson, Antonio Sharts-Bunso said.  “We want to make the can, a can, so it’s not just another road side attraction.”

Portage la Prairie has been known for years as a piss stop between Winnipeg and Brandon and now it has a chance to become known as the premiere bathroom stop on the Trans Canada Hwy.

With multi-level toilet bidets for men and women, nursing stations, high-tech change tables, Dyson hand driers and heated marble floors the new traveller’s relief station will set a new standard in roadside restrooms.  Reclining, vibrating, leather recliners, warm blankets and towels will make visitor’s stay relaxing and memorable and on-site attendants will work around the clock to ensure cleanliness and that the WiFi is working.

“With all these features we believe tourists will drive by Brandon and Winnipeg and hold it until they get to Portage.  There will be no finer piss stop in the land.  It’ll really put us on the potty map,” Sharts-Bunso said.

“I can’t wait to take a dump there, “Bernie Trotz of Dauphin said.  “In the past I’d wait ‘til I got to Winnipeg to go but now I’ll stop in Portage to poop.”

When asked about the increased demand put on our waste water treatment facility a representative from the city offered, “Shouldn’t be a problem.  The smell of the treatment plant will just remind people to pull into town to do their business.  Local businesses will love it.”

The new slogan “You gotta go to the can @ the Can” will be used as Portage’s new tourism and marketing tag line and will be seen on souvenirs and memorabilia.  The new facility hopes to be ready in the coming months.


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