City Bylaw Enforcement Officer.

City Bylaw Enforcement Officer.

Portage la Prairie, MB – Sliding down the side of the Tupper Street overpass might cost you $1,500.

The City of Portage passed a bylaw that will once and for all deal with the renegade sliding that happens on the side of the overpass.

Contraband tobogganing has occurred for decades in the middle of town despite considerable efforts to thwart it.  To encourage sliding on the old garbage dump hill the city erected a light but since it is several kilometres to the south of most of the sledding population it has been under-utilized.

City bylaw enforcement officers dressed in parkas and toques will be issuing $1,500 fines to anyone caught sliding down the Tupper Street Skyline Bridge.  All funds collected will be allocated to a north end splash and skate park that will never be built.


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    More similar truth. Good reality of modernity.

    We support this work of words. Not the Word of the Lord but getting there.


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