This past weekend, The Hoop and Holler was at Delta Marsh and witnessed the Carp Apocalypse in full swing (swim).

It turns out the invasive species has done quite significant damage to Delta Marsh. They rip up all the vegetation and make the water very turbid, denying other species their natural habitat.

Prior to the carp, the marsh was conducive for all manner of waterfowl and wildlife, but no longer. To help combat the Carp, gates were installed at various points at the interface of the lake and the marsh to prevent them from getting in. It has been determined that by keeping the carp out, the marsh may recover.

Take a look at some of the images and video we captured. It’s kind of scary actually.

For a comprehensive look at the Carp problem and mitigation strategies, along with other issues surrounding the marsh, head on over to Ducks Unlimited – Delta Marsh




Some Carp Facts:

Can weigh up to about 20 – 60 lbs
First Introduced to Manitoba in 1886 as a food and ornamental fish to North America.
Adult Length: 12 – 25 inches

Threat: Carp are constantly stirring up the substrate when they feed, meaning that they can greatly decrease the clarity of the water. This makes waterways unattractive, destroys habitat, reduces the abundance of aquatic plants, and can make the water unsuitable for swimming or drinking. They also release phosphorus normally locked up in bottom sediments and aquatic fauna, and lower the abundance of insects by predation and loss of habitat.

For more on Carp and other invasive species visit: Invasive Species Council of Manitoba

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